Another Day Remembered

Sometimes, you can just wait and live life, and suddenly:

Please and thank you become part of a child's vocabulary. Easy and honest.

Or, maybe a child shares the crispy, salty skin of a roasted chicken with his mother and father. Easy and honest.

Or, maybe you're feeling crummy and a child gives you a hug. A nice, long hug.

Maybe things change and maybe things change in time. In time. Easy and honest.

Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure

Jared will catch me picking at my nails and give me a look. "I'm not stressing out, I'm picking the dirt from under my nails," I tell him. "Ok," he says.

I'll give him a dirty look next time he picks his nails. "My hands are really dried out now. Lots of hangnails," he tells me. "Ok," I say.

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