The Radio is Awful

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The radio is awful. I could stop there, but I will go on.

I went on two car rides with nothing to listen to but a.) my thoughts or b.) the radio. I opted for the radio which I spend less time with than myself.

Radio is targeted towards several different groups (in alphabetical order so I appear to be unbiased):
People at work
People in far younger than me
People my age
People older than me
Religious people

I'll stick with the "People my age" category. We get grunge and Fat Boy Slim. I am not nostalgic for high school days, nor college days.

Fat Boy Slim, yes, "Praise You" is pretty catchy. I like it partly because it is upbeat, and partly because the song reminds me of a talented and eccentric friend who was good at impressions of a few singers, including Fat Boy Slim and Michael McDonald.

Grunge. Not nostalgic for high school, so hearing grunge music does not do too much for me. But, my, my those City Gardens shows in Trenton. Nirvana, Mudhoney, 7 Seconds (not grunge, I know).

We had some good times, yeah?