What I have been up to

I have noticed that I have not been writing much. Here’s what I have been doing:

1.) Playing keyboard.
I have been jamming with a dear friend and my husband. It’s perfect in so many ways that I dare not write too much about it for fear of The Jinx. My pal has loaned me a Suzuki Omnichord to play during our jams. And, as I written about previously, this lead to me dragging an underplayed keyboard out of the attic.

I am somewhat obsessed with playing keyboard now, and like everything in my life, I am considering the worst case scenarios: creative plateaus, carpal tunnel syndrome cutting my keyboard career short, etc.

Jared asked if I might consider bringing the keyboard along on a recent trip to the Outer Banks. No. The break was nice.

I learned with dismay that tablature does not exist for piano. Loads of it out there for guitar and bass. I’ll have to learn how to read music. I never got past Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge in grammar school. You see, nobody really told me you could just play music (at that time) and it would be fine. Even if it was awful (I figured that out later when I got into independent music. I had friends who did not seem to mind that I had a guitar in my hands and had no idea what to do with it and played anyway).

One evening, I found the notes for “Amazing Grace”, and depressed the hell out of myself practicing the song. I felt like I was preparing for an upcoming funeral. None are planned, so I don’t have a gig doing “Amazing Grace”, the spiritual that has no parallel, next to a tombstone.

Earlier this week, I went on a depressive punk and New Wave kick. Bauhaus on the way to kung fu, Joy Division on the way home.

Once at home, I turned on “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division, and plunked around until I found the keyboard part seemed to have an E in it. This is easy stuff for my husband, Jared, who can play be ear. “Sounds good,” he called from the next room. Impatient, I turned to Youtube and found a tutorial on “Love Will Tear Us Apart” , and then another on “Age of Consent” by New Order.

Now, when one does an internet search for “age of consent”, New Order does not auto-populate the search field. Instead, the search suggests things like “age of consent NJ” and “age of consent listed by state”. At first, I tilted my head and furrowed my brow, thinking, “Hmm?” Pause, pause, pause. Then, “Ohhh.” Yeah well, I’ve been outta the dating game for a bit, and I was a late bloomer.

I haven’t been writing, I have been plunking along with two of my favorite gloomy songs. So good. Yes?

2.) I have been making photographs.
Actually, not so much making them… I submitted several of my photographs to a juried show. I spent a bunch of time selecting photographs, writing an artist statement, bio, and revising my dusty CV. It’s been a good ten years wince I showed any work in a gallery.

Guess what? One piece was accepted to the InVision Festival at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA.

Ok, back to the keyboard…