An outstretched hand holding something. Look. Here.

An outstretched hand holding something. Look. Here.

It is a visual cliche. One that I am exposed to regularly through my day job of native plant grower. Look. Abundance. Look. Healthy soil. Look. Hands cradling a seedling. Look. Here.

Yet, I like this photograph.

After all, it is my husband and child. My husband holds two hickory nuts in his hand. The hickory, the shagbark hickory in particular, is a totem tree. These hickory nuts, I do not know the species.

He shows me. Look. I found these. Here. I will photograph them.

He is writing about plants. I will be your photographer, I tell him. Because perhaps my interest in plants is, is, is in the patterns and stories and experience, my own, more than knowledge found within the realms of science and fact.

My son stand slightly pigeon toed, holding a plastic bag of shells. More shells. They will leave sand throughout the truck and will travel the rest of the trip with us. It is the collecting that is compelling.

Yes, I like this photograph. Look. Here.