Men's Recovery Project / Frank Talk About Humans

Day 6. Influential albums.

Men's Recovery Project. Frank Talk About Humans.
Released 1994.

By the mid/late-1990s, I was playing every weekend with my band, An Oxygen Auction. Shows or practice. The rest of my time was spent mostly in silence while I developed black and white film and photographs in my university's darkroom.

This was a strange and intense part of my life. I can feel it as I write about it now. Deeply creative. Very profound. Very full. Every track I went down, I rode really hard. I admire what I was a part of. That's vague, yes, and I'll leave the rest for some other time.

Something has to explain the odd music I was playing. I don't know what it was. I think it was formed by four unusual people spending time together. Our music dark, loud, noisy. In fact, we were called a "noise" band. "Noise" was/is a genre. I didn't really listen to "noise". I didn't seek it out. I didn't sit back and listen to noise records. The shows, however, were a trip.

I liked noisy bands, and that's what I considered us. Just noisy, not necessarily noise. We played sets that were noise. We made recordings that were noise. We also performed what I thought were really moving live shows. Catchy, in a completely crazy way.

Our drummer played insane rhythms. Sometimes, the rest of us (two of us on guitars, one other fellow on a variety of keyboards, homemade electronics, etc.) got into deep grooves. We had no idea who was playing what. Of our best sets, one bandmate would say, "Someone else was in the room". As in, someone other than the four of us.

I considered us at our best during live shows. We never played the same thing twice. It was impossible. Remember, I did not know how to tune my guitar. The other guitarist did not tune. Equipment was always changing or breaking.

Frank Talk About Humans by Men's Recovery Project marks my entry into the odder side of music. I still love this album. I saw MRP a few times live. It was a departure from standard hardcore and punk shows. I can't say MRP, or Flying Saucer Attack, or anything else I listened to influenced me to make noisy was all floating in the soup.