Moving This Barge Ahead


During the fretful end of 2018, a fretful year in which I saw fretful nature extend into the first few months of 2019, I enrolled in an online class at the International Center for Photography. I was looking for something to sink my claws into and its claws into me.

Way back when I lived for photography and spent my spare dough on film and photo paper, ICP was legendary. A whole place dedicated to the craft of photography. I went back to my roots. It is a good place to start when floundering.

A visionary might look forward. When I look forward, I see a monstrous to do list, all my fears, potential failings, and more middling tasks. No, I am not a visionary if the definition of visionary is creating something big outta the ether. Rather, I am fretting on little crap (hence a fretful year). Or, I am looking around for scrap pieces to create a rustic barge on which I can forge ahead. Or, I am looking back for inspiration, ruminating, and pondering memories.

In the midst of struggling to find a barge to embark for less eroded shores, I found the ICP online class that sounded really appealing, Memory as Prompt. Hell, that sounds about right. Maybe I should go for it. I noticed that the instructor of that appealing class was a professor of mine twenty years ago.

I have forgotten all the work I made in that class. I do remember him saying several influential things during critique. Pick a lens. Stick with it. OK, I went for wide angle.

As I making work for this class, my photographs are very different than anything I have done. My images are posed. I prefer to be alone making these photographs, though I have a deficit in personnel. I need help staging and framing the images. I need someone to press the shutter button, check the exposure, and refocus.

I need someone to braid my hair with little bluestem (Schizachryium scoparium). Once I am braided to the earth with my favorite warm season grass, I will definitely need someone to press the shutter button, check the exposure, and refocus.

Possibly my biggest challenge is the challenge to my character. Maybe to be a bit more visionary or at least to plan my work.