Making Work

Saturday. Went to see art with a friend. Talked art making and music making with that friend. We both have children and we covered that topic, too. But, we really talked about making work more than our children. At least it feels that way. Just talking a bit about making work feels big.


I would like to make more photographs of my friends. That makes me nervous, and I hardly do it. I would like to make more photographs of my husband. He is getting used to being photographed again. It is not easy. My son, forget it, he does not like to be photographed. Some of my extended family hated being photographed, too.

I understand. I am awkward when being photographed even when making self-portraits, especially when I am using a tripod. I feel very self-conscious and that shows in the images at the start of a session.


I don’t know where this work is going. I continue to sketch. There is something in my hands. There is something there to explore.