Yesterday, was a special day. Filled with love and reflection. And, my task today is to let that feeling linger, even as I rush forward into the future without stopping for right now.

That's key for me. That's what I was sent to planet earth to do - just to stop and notice right now. And right now is pleasant and emotional and sweet.


I know women are supposed to be good at multi-tasking. I know that I like to do well and be well. Except, I would like to fail at multi-tasking, just so I can be right here with nothing much else to do.

Just listening to the clippers snip, snip at the Carex appalachica. Feeling the grit and wetness and coolness of clover on my bare feet in the morning.

Feeling the softness, slight fuzziness, slight resistance as I harvest a raspberry away from the receptacle that holds the fruit on the branch. Why are all words for female parts, human and plant, so oriented towards 'emptiness' or 'containers'? Succeeding at multi-tasking there... thinking thinking thinking. Noticing my feet curl as I get aggravated thinking about language. Losing that sweet feeling, noticing my regret, hearing my husband and son laughing upstairs, wondering what mood everyone will be in with the heat. Multi-tasking mind.

Let it be. Let me fail.