Three Women

Her cart was in the middle of the aisle. Her boyfriend said ‘hi’ to me. I mumbled a reply, not even words, really. That cart was in my way. She stared at me. I navigated my cart between hers and the shelves. She did not move.


She was wiping down the gas pumps while I pumped gas. I said ‘hi’ just as squatted down to continue her work. She looked up, smiled, and asked how I was. An honest smile. I returned her smile with my own and wished I said hello while she was standing.


I had the expectation that she might not be friendly. She had disappeared when I entered the store. She was friendly. My hair was messy. Hers was not. We talked about wildflowers, clothing, Ocean City, Maryland, and paying the rent. She asked if the shopping was good in New Jersey. I said no. We both wished we had longer torsos.

Huggy Bear / Taking the Rough with the Smooch

I had two friends (men) who played instruments, actually played, in fact, one played acoustic guitar really well. Ranging from very pretty, very sweet to very intense stuff. Anyway, they liked me. I liked them. They liked that I didn't know how to play. We spent days and days in the basement or garage making noise. I played in many bands with those guys. Some lasted a month, some lasted years. ISCKYA and TENS Unit were the first two bands, inspired by that raw girl/boy revolutionary spirit of Huggy Bear.

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2004 Interview with Pavla Jonssonova of Zuby nehty

Here's an interview I did via email with Czech musician, writer, and thinker Pavla Jonssonova in 2004. The interview was published on the Tamizdat website. Tamizdat has long been dedicated to international culture - music, art, writing, theater - and enabling the travel and exchange of that creativity across international borders.

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And fire my spirit

January 27, 2018, Day 9 of 30 Day Music Challenge

All I can hear are the sounds of my bones rattling around. That is my music.

Two days of spirit sister time. Listening to stories. Gathering together and taking time to listen and speak and to be heard. Sisters, wherever you are right now, I hope you can hear this song that another sister taught me:

Earth my body

Water my blood

Air my breath

And fire my spirit