Listening to Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols reminds me of Detroit

I gotta dig up our photographs from Detroit. G/d, we were so young. Poor and getting into debt. Working in Detroit. We were renting a house in Clarkston, Michigan from a minister and her family who also ran a casual southern food cafe. Her husband was a cop. They had two sweet, well behaved, and good looking kids, a son and daughter. We would drop by the restaurant for spicy chicken and coconut pie and dine with the husband and kids while she cooked.

There are so many more things to say about this…like I said I gotta get those photos, but I also gotta meet a friend for dinner.


I'm pissed off

I'm pissed off

I called our contact at the rental agency. I had so much f/cking pride and rage at that time, but I had to pretend like I had no pride. He came to our apartment. I groveled. I begged our case. Illness, not able to work. Not able to make bills. Borrowing money. The line has run out.

He said, "My partners want to know what kind of person would break their lease."

I stopped.

I blinked.

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