Dryer, Broken and in the Basement

Dryer, Broken and in the Basement

9:06 p.m. We’re on our way back from the grocery store. As we drive down the rainy road, I notice a mother in a window illuminated by florescent light. She loads her dryer. Her hair is tousled. She our neighbor down the way. Don’t really know them too well.

A partly dried lump of laundry waits in my dryer. When I arrive at home, I will run downstairs and turn the dryer back on. I will haul the groceries in on multiple trips through the never-ending mist and rain.

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Another Day Remembered

Sometimes, you can just wait and live life, and suddenly:

Please and thank you become part of a child's vocabulary. Easy and honest.

Or, maybe a child shares the crispy, salty skin of a roasted chicken with his mother and father. Easy and honest.

Or, maybe you're feeling crummy and a child gives you a hug. A nice, long hug.

Maybe things change and maybe things change in time. In time. Easy and honest.