Remembering a Friend

I sat on a couch catty-corner where my friend sat. The room was dark and warm. She was recovering from surgery for cancer.

"You should have seen what they took out of me," she said.

I nodded. "Yeah," I said quietly.

"You know, sometimes, I wonder about all that Tab I drank years ago. Maybe..." she said looking for answers.

I paused. "No," I said as quietly as I could.

And fire my spirit

January 27, 2018, Day 9 of 30 Day Music Challenge

All I can hear are the sounds of my bones rattling around. That is my music.

Two days of spirit sister time. Listening to stories. Gathering together and taking time to listen and speak and to be heard. Sisters, wherever you are right now, I hope you can hear this song that another sister taught me:

Earth my body

Water my blood

Air my breath

And fire my spirit