actaea racemosa_wild ridge plants-3111.jpg

The Solstice is here. The start of summer and all that will come. Yesterday, I watched a tiny Appalachian Azure butterfly oviposit on this Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa) in a place we call the Little Woods. Appalachian Azure caterpillars eat only the flower buds of Blach Cohosh.

Six years ago the yet-to-be-named Little Woods had a beautiful canopy of Black Birch and Tuliptree and crooked Box Elders. The understory was non-native periwinkle. We looked closely and found Solomon's Seal, then Indian Pipe, then... Today, that canopy remains. Thanks to our deer fence and caretaking, the understory is thriving and hosting wildlife like the Appalachian Azure.

Here's the potential of people to caretake and partake. Tend and mend. Here's to summer and the potential in a tiny butterfly egg.