Mosquito and Purplestem Angelica, May 23, 2019

Mosquito and Purplestem Angelica, May 23, 2019

Neither one of us likes to be told sh/t
I know this.
I can tell when he is getting irritated
when I am telling him sh/t
he doesn’t want to hear.
He tells me sh/t I don’t want to hear,
and I get annoyed.

We are two experts
experting around
and irritating each other.
We’re amped people
who don’t need caffeine.

We get restless. We complain.
We sit at the table and drink
and brood over the state of the union.

There’s a rude song by a rude band, and
the lyrics go like this:
”That’s great for you, /sshole…”
We quote these words to each other, now and then,
”That’s great for you…”
and laugh.

Today, we sang The Ramones
in the kitchen:
”There’s no law, no law anymore
I want to steal from the rich and
Give to the poor
And then he read another chapter of Robin Hood to our kid.