No Computer in the Morning

In the morning, I spent a half hour looking on the internet and social media for exhibits or other things to do today. I noticed how I felt. Not great. I broke two rules: 1.) no computer in the morning; 2.) no social media without a business- or blog-related agenda. I stuck by rule 3.) no email in the morning. I did not check my email.

The rules are all related. If I follow rule 1, I am set. If I break that rule, there had better be a good reason. Checking on an invoice, keeping up with truly time-sensitive business emails, posting about a significant event, engaging in some creative work.

There are good reasons to avoid computers in the evening, as there is evidence that the blue light the screens emit disrupts circadian rhythms. I haven’t observed a problem for me. Yet, computer time in the morning is just awful for me. Completely saps my mood. I feel distracted and beset with disparate tasks. I feel upset and moody. Good reasons to avoid the computer in the morning.

Avoiding the computer in the morning has led to a better daily outlook for me. I wake with intentions and head outside to accomplish them. Or, I enjoy breakfast with Jared. Or, I enjoy solitude after Jared leaves for a botanical survey and Beren remains sleeping.

I noticed today how poking around the internet looking for something to do was crummy. Crummy compared to getting a brief text from a friend: “Having some friends over tonight. Want to come?” Yes! Or, another invitation to join another family for a campfire cookout. Yes!

That’s the good stuff.