blood bubble

I live with compelling people. My husband, my child, myself. This weekend, my task of of clipping and raking out the prairie garden was rerouted by the urgent passion of a particular family member, the littlest one. A certain box elder stump had to come out of an adjacent garden, he insisted.

After multiple trips to the shed, we had a shovel, pry bar, maddock, and hatchet. Guess who used the hatchet and said, “You’re in my blood bubble*. My blood bubble is here,” he added with a circular gesture around his body. That same little person set up a pile of rocks to leverage the pry bar and make it more effective.

After a half hour of work, the stump was out of the ground. A+, kiddo.

*I learned about the “blood bubble’ at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School about ten years ago. The blood bubble is in all directions around you and your tool using hand. Anything/anyone within that area can be cut or injured. Generally, it is a good idea to stay out of someone else’s blood bubble while they use a cutting tool.