“What is dive bombing?” Beren asks.

“I know what dive bombing is with birds,” Jared says.


“Remember when he was reading Goodnight Moon? Now he’s reading about the Donner party,” Jared says.


“Don’t throw that out. That’s wasteful. You can use it as a cup,” Beren says as I toss a mug with a broken handle in the trash.


“Momma, how much did you want a cat?” Beren asks.

“I didn’t want a cat,” I say. “I knew it would be more work for me.”

“Really?” he asks, surprised and quiet. “Well, he’s my cat,” he adds.

“No, he’s my cat. I feed him. I take him to the vet. I care for him when he gets hurts. He’s my cat,” I say.


“I love you, Mountain,” Beren says to the cat.


“Momma, I feel sad for no reason,” he says.


“I’d like to do something nice together as a family,” Jared says.

Me, too.