Small Business Owner

You know why I love having a small business? Because I work with good people. (Yes, you know Jared is good). My Mom slugs soil into pots a half day a week the whole growing season. I get to hang with my Mom for 4 hours a week. I would not likely be able to do that if I had a ‘job’.

I get wonderful emails from customers who truly want to know how I am. They tell me about their lives, and I’m rooting for their growing children or grandchildren, college application process, ill spouse, exciting travels, or new business, just as much as I am rooting for their pollinators and American persimmons. They send articles, links and videos. They encourage me to home school. They ask interesting questions. They complain about their weeds, and I encourage them to keep going. They are courteous, kind, and funny.

This stuff is great!