The Cat

Self-portrait, January 21, 2019

Self-portrait, January 21, 2019

What you don’t see in the photograph is my cat going crazy and attacking my arm. Cat, this cold makes me feel cooped up, too. That’s why I hung out laundry and fed the birds.

The wind felt like I was riding an icy lightning bolt.


Yesterday and into the early hours of the morning was a lunar eclipse. Yesterday was cold. I was tired at noon after sledding for an hour. I went to bed at 9:00 pm. My family was disappointed, but 9:00 pm was the time to kill the day. Done. Tired. Nothing left but crankiness.

The moon was pretty high at 9:00 pm. By that time, I could barely see it through my bedroom window. The moon was already high. Come eclipse time, the moon would be visible only if I had a skylight in my slate roof. In winter, my attic is as inviting as Leif Erikson’s axe and doesn’t have a skylight. To see the eclipse [Lord, here comes the cat, again], I’d have to go outside.

The wind howled and blew half the heat out of our 160 or so year old house. We slept with flannel sheets, three cotton blankets, and one down blanket.

They say you sleep better when the house is colder. Our heat was set at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They say its good to be acclimated. I hope this adds some good years onto my life. Check back in at in a couple decades.

I did not rouse to watch the eclipse. Jared dreamed of the desert. {Here comes the cat, AGAIN}.