Self-portrait in the wood stove room, January 2, 2019

Self-portrait in the wood stove room, January 2, 2019

Around this time, I like to reflect on the previous year and the year to come. I did that a bit in November (Read my post: 12 - Struggle). Right now, I'm busy. Busy getting the business’ books in order from last year and moving forward. I spent part of New Years’ day romancing a bookkeeping program. Perhaps my financial future is in good stead for the coming year, but it sure felt like a flop of a way to spend New Years’ day.

Beren agreed, “It’s Christmas-time! Why are you working so much?”

Spending New Years’ day bookkeeping might be auspicious for a Taurus like me. I think it may just work out really well. It helps that I’m mid-cycle rather than PMS’ing. That’s also a good time to start the New Year.

This morning, Jared called a friend who is a financial professional to ask some bookkeeping software questions. She was gleeful. Gleeful at our transition to bookkeeping software. Made her day, which in turn made my day. Her joy came through on Jared’s flip phone’s speaker and washed over me.

“Don’t worry about mistakes. There are no mistakes, just learning experiences. If you make a mistake, you will correct it and learn from it. You will feel the burden lift, and you will focus on growing your planties and making the world a better place,” she said.

Yes, she said ‘planties’ as in native plants. In addition to her love for financial organization, she loves plants. Because of plants, we met. Thank you, planties.