Seaside Pilgrimage

wild Ridge 1 cardinal-4642.jpg

I have two annual pilgrimages. One is Chinese Lunar New Year in Philadelphia. The other is Seaside Heights boardwalk. I was in Minnesota during the former this year.

The latter, I made it. Thankfully, my departure from northwestern New Jersey to coastal Jersey coincided with the dread GMO corn pollen season. F'cking corn, man. Hate it. Its pollen brings on some headaches.

Our Seaside trip included a couple delicious sausage sandwiches at Midway and some sugary lemonades. Beren rocked the balloon/dart game and won himself a penguin from China. Jared and I won him a salamander from China through our rusty skeeball skills.

On the beach, lots of sun except for the rainy day. We went from a family holding hands in the surf on day one to chasing the waves with boogie boards on our final day.

Last, Seaside Heights always delivers a cultural surprise. This year, feminist artist Barbara Kruger's signature style appeared on the boardwalk. I love her work. She was a tremendous influence. See below:

wild Ridge 1 cardinal-4653.jpg
wild Ridge 1 cardinal-4644.jpg
wild Ridge 1 cardinal-4645.jpg
wild Ridge 1 cardinal-4647.jpg
wild Ridge 1 cardinal-4652.jpg