This summer has been all about deepening trust. Trust in myself and those around me.


Less than year ago, I sat with a friend's child who read an Arnold Lobel book to Beren and me. She read haltingly, but she read every single word. At that time, my son was not reading.

I listened. I wondered what Beren was thinking. You might imagine what I was thinking. I was comparing the two children. I was considering our family's choice to home school. I was feeling the heat of others' silent (suspected) and vocal (certain) judgment. I also considered how she was a different person than my son. I wondered if she could simultaneously interpret the letters, sounds, and meaning. Learning, it is such an interesting process.

Beren started reading this summer. But really, it's a continuum. Hearing sounds. Noticing shapes. Seeing others read. Recognizing letters as the symbols they are. Then just like he started suddenly talking when he was two, he suddenly started reading.

He'd say, "I can't read!" whenever someone said, "You're reading a book." No, he was going to say he was reading until he was reading by his own strict definition. Reading is reading. Now, he proudly tells us and others that he can read. And yes, trust me, he can.