Around the fire we gather


Falling behind (on writing) as I live life. I will tell you this, yesterday evening was great.

My Mom and I worked in the nursery together. Her work ethic is monstrous. We finish one thing, barely pause, and she says, "What's next?" She does not rest, even when I invite her inside for tea and a snack. We quit just after 5:00 PM. Exhausted.

Jared and Beren came home from a hike. Jared showered and nearly immediately went back for a night out with 'the guys'.

Beren and I stayed home together. I was too tired to think of any 'thing' to do to pass the time until bedtime, not that I typically schedule our after dinner experience. My default - campfire, so long as the ground isn't parched and the wind isn't stiff, which on the ridge here, we often have both conditions.

Beren made a tepee shape with sticks and wood. I lit it. The fire took us through sunset and snacktime (roasted chicken and cheese over the fire). It took us through that lull when mother and child Alone Time needs overlap inadequately. It took us through that time when I would like to 'do' something and also do very little and also spend time peacefully with family.

As we stoked the coals, I imagined my newborn niece and infant second cousin who live at least a day away. I thought, one day they'll be here with us around the fire. Maybe I'll be the cool aunt who quietly shows them, as babes in arms or toddlers, how to act around the fire, using few words. Maybe Beren will show them. Maybe Jared, the cool uncle, will. Maybe they will already know all about fire. 

Remember that post I wrote called Communities and Villages? If not, consider reading it. If you don't want to, the gist is: I want a village. A place populated by people. And there will certainly always be a fire burning there.