Halter Top

I got a halter top. My first one. It's black with white polka dots and ruffles. I'm middle aged. I'm a woman. I'm a mother. I'm gonna rock that halter top.

Once I was in the Fresh Grocer supermarket in west Philly. Rocking black terry cloth short shorts with white trim. I was rocking them.

Got them at Strawbridge's. My favorite department store. Old fashioned. Beautiful. Chandeliers. Pretty jewelry. I went there because the prices were good and the place was beautiful, so I felt wealthy and beautiful, too. I think it is closed now.

So, I was rocking my short shorts and three girls, maybe they were in their 20s, too, laughed at me. I won't forget it. Don't dis your sis, man.

Don't give me sh/t when I rock my halter top. Don't give me sh/t as woman, as middle aged woman, as a mother, as I rock my ruffled halter top.