Digital Downlaid

The title of this post was a typo, and it shall stay. I am digitally downlaid, for sure.

I am currently reading A New Path by Arthur Haines. The second part of the title is "To transcend the great forgetting through incorporating ancestral practices into contemporary living". I recommend it.  It is truly radical and well-researched.

As I try to figure out the world of digital downloads, I am feeling the descent into becoming an "older" rather than and "elder". As Arthur discusses in his book, younger people have an elevated since of knowledge and mastery because they understand rapidly changing technology.

Well, I don't. I don't have mastery over technology. And, that is partly because I am not interested. I am not exposed primarily by my own choice, and possibly because of my age.

It is interesting to go from feeling like a reasonably competent grown up to a fuzzy brained techno klutz.

What to do. What to do.