Dead Moon / Hard Wired in Ljubljana

Day 7. Influential albums.

Dead Moon / Hard Wired in Ljubljana
Released 1997

What can I say about Dead Moon's album Hard Wired in Ljubljana? I'll keep it simple. Most double albums could be pared down to one, or even an EP. This way. It's perfect.

I came across this live double album in 2000. My band of many years had broken up recently. Some friendships disintegrated. Many people were moving out of the city I lived in. I joined other bands. I made other friends. I moved in with a man. Changes. 

Toody and Fred held a mirror up to what I was experiencing at the time. Life was full of love. Life was hard. Life was a good, wild ride. Life knocks hard. That's ok. There's only one other choice.

Hard Wired in Ljubljana was in the mix at this transformative time. Fronted by a wife/husband (Toody and Fred Cole, bass and guitar respectively) and Andrew Loomis (drums). A live show in Slovenia. Beautiful energy. Love the raw sound. Love the lyrics. Love this band.

Dead Moon pointed to a way free of cynicism and haughtiness so prevalent in the arts.

They were wonderful live. I was filled with wonder every time I saw them. They transformed a club into a sacred space. They had love for each other, which they wore in the open. Their fans loved them. They loved their fans back. It was sacred grace what they did.

I crank Hard Wired in Ljubljana. Loud. I sing along. I cry. I dance. I laugh.