Ex and In

south mtn-3358.jpg

Yesterday, we visited exclosures and enclosures.

A deer exclosure - keeps deer out, protecting native plants. Inside the fence - healthy saplings and shrubs and some wildflowers that might rebound quickly after a forest takes a pounding from excessive herbivory. We observed white wood aster, Solomon's seal, and Canada mayflower. It may not be exciting for native plant geeks, but we saw sporadic rolling, loose groundcovers of Virginia creeper, a positive sign of recovery for a restoration practitioner. The exclosure at South Mountain Reservation (near the dog park) is worth a visit. I was inspired to see natives rebounding.

We also visited a zoo. Depending on which side of the glass or fence you're on, there were exclosures or enclosures. I have mixed feelings about zoos. Regardless, we skipped our way through Turtleback Zoo, laughing at the magical gibbons and penguins. And, I noted my son's beginner's mind as he said, "Momma, look at that beautiful bird. It is so beautiful. It's neck..." Together, we admired the iridescent feathers of a pigeon.

turtleback zoo-3373.jpg