We Smile

I was leaving early, dropping you off in the driveway, sensing that I might not depart on time if I went into the house. So I dropped you off early. I saw you in the yard. I tapped gently on the horn three times, and you ran to the sidewalk. Waving. Smiling your closed mouth smile. I saw it. Your rounded cheeks. Your hair catching the last light of day. Your cheeks. Your smile. Your waving. "I love you." I stopped. I backed up and rolled down the window. I smiled my closed mouth smile. I waved. I thought, "What if I never see you again." That is my sack of stones, not yours. I put it down. It is funny how something I carry on my back, on my heart, blocks my vision, too. So, I put my sack down and looked at your rounded cheeks. Closed mouth smile. Wave. I love you. I love you, too. We smile.