From 3D Design to Sex Ed

Speaking of high school, here's something from the archives... I am wearing at least five necklaces and five earrings.

Mackow_3D Design-2588.jpg

I wanted to write just a quick piece tonight, but there's so much in this. This class was a trip. Three Dimensional Design, or something like that, with Ms. F. We made clay pots on the wheel, shaped Fimo beads and roasted them in toaster oven, pulled handmade paper...and made the teacher crazy.

There were a couple older students, metalheads, with long hair, ample talent in illustration, and heavy sarcasm. They their eyes hid behind long bangs, and that made the teacher crazy. There was a friend's boyfriend, a hardcore kid with Doc Martens. He also had artistic talent and sarcastic humor. Between these three boys, Ms. F was outdone.

Once, I took a soaking wet, but clean paintbrush, and dragged it across one of my classmate's shoulders. When he turned around, I held up another paintbrush dripping with black paint. I smiled brightly. "Arg!" he shouted with frightening aggravation. I showed him the clean, wet brush and he growled again. 

Mrs. F was outnumbered.

Once, she erased a portion of my Sinead O'Connor drawing and redrew it before my eyes. The assignment was to cut a black and white photograph in half and draw the missing side. I chose the incredible face of Sinead from one of my Rolling Stone magazines.

Once she brought in an artist who taught us brass casting. I made this piece.

Mackow_3D Design-2589.jpg

There's something else in the newspaper. Notice the title about AIDS. Good g/d, they scared the crap out of me with AIDS in sex ed. Perhaps rightfully so, and it did hit pretty close to home.

At the start of this piece, I did write that I wanted to keep this short. Maybe I'll get to reflecting on sex ed sometime. In short, sex ed represented sex as terrifying or somehow boring. While those are two adjectives that can describe sex, they are two ways I'd rather not have sex.

At least, my high school had someone from Planned Parenthood visit for 40 minutes and demonstrate birth control with realness and humor. And, stop me before I go on another tangent, but Planned Parenthood rocks. I got some real healthcare there as a young woman.