Day 2. Favorite or influential albums.

released in 1987.

This is one of the first albums I bought myself. I guess their songs were all over the radio. I liked them enough to go to the Spectrum in Philadelphia to see them. I have no idea who drove Mom? Who went with me...???

I got the t-shirt for the album. The shirt was sadly oversized. Printed front and back. Where did I buy it? Dunno. At the show? In the parking lot from a scalper? At Spencer's Gifts in the Phillipsburg Mall? I think it cost $20 which is a bunch of cash for t-shirt and for a pre-adolescent. I wore it 'til it fell apart.

This album was a gateway into music, listening to whole albums (as opposed to whatever junk was on the radio), and live music.

My love of INXS was solidified by a friend's older brother. He drove me, her, and a couple other girls in his Yugo somewhere. We were headed north on route 519 in Holland Township, and he  pounded the tiny steering wheel in time to "This Time" on INXS' Listen Like Thieves album. He sang along. To a preteen like me, a shaggy-haired guy with a car and passionate abandon inspired by a song made an impression.

My INXS cassettes are long gone. Buried in a landfill, or incinerated to generate the power for some other musician to make an album. Thanks to subscription music, I can listen to Kick, which holds up. I blast the album. Just like the Nicene Creed, I know every word.

My favorite song? "The Loved One." Hands down.