The Harder They Come

I finally got a digital 'chain letter' that I accepted. What's a favorite or influential album? she wanted to know.

Why did I accept? First, it came from a dear friend. Second, it was regarding music - favorite albums that is. Third, I've been wanting to write about favorite albums. Fourth, I am so stinkin' busy with growing plants that I need every chance to goof off.

So, without too much nonsense:

They Harder They Come soundtrack. Released with the film circa 1972. Whenever I need a sweet, up yet melancholy (life is not simple) soul boost, this is my album. Sometimes, I crank it up on a hot as Hades day, or a grey gloomy one for contrast. I sing. I dance. So good. 

The film itself ends badly for the hero. He dies. At least, he is free and not incarcerated. The album, ah, so good.

It reminds me warmly of a couple of people past and present. A buddy, Terry, who introduced me to Oi! and Desmond Dekker. My husband, who is the owner of album, though our record collections merged long, long ago.

"You can get it if you really want, but you must try, try and try, try and try. You'll succeed at last." Yes, Jimmy. I love that. Words to live by.