More Busy Season Food


Another day stacked and double booked. We did earthwork in the Little Woods. Johann, of Fields Without Fences, is designing a water system to catch and move water from our hoop house run off and shed roof run off.

He's a buddy, so Jared (and Beren) got to work with a friend today. It was tough dirt work.

I soent today hustling around paying our business sales tax, checking the credit card receipts, figuring out what's up with our Square account (my issue, not theirs, and if you are looking for a POS processing company... they are it), loading both vehicles with plants bound for two different places tomorrow, taking Beren to a local cafe for a treat, laundering the sheets, and doing our food shopping.

It probably sounds like I think I did more than Jared, or that he had a better time then me. Not so. He was also juggling emails and phone calls and putting a variety of things in motion, since at least 8:00AM. He'll feel today is his back. I'll feel it in my jaw.

Back to me and my day: I also set to simmer an easy and nourishing meal for when the crew got hungry. I took a second look in the pot before walking away. This is what I saw: a sticker noting that the tomato is organic. The sticker itself is not organic. 

This is not mindful food preparation. This is rushed as h/ll food preparation.