Farm to Table: The Real Deal


Garbage plate, Day 2. Farm to table, the behind-the-scenes reality of how your farmer is eating.

Go. Yes, go visit your farmer. See their farm, their skills, their chemical-free operation. Meet their darling family. Their farm dogs. Enjoy their thoughtful, well-articulated mission and nice graphic design. Chat with them. You'll enjoy it. I've not yet met a youthful farmer I didn't like.

I'm a farmer, to an extent. We have a native plant nursery, so perhaps my revelation that I am not eating well at the onset of the busy season may not be as scandalous as a vegetable farmer eating poorly.

I have asked a few organic farmers how they eat during the growing season. One told me their family eats well. Good, healthy meals. The other said something like, "Are you kidding me? We eat Taco Bell." Another said, "I hate being invited to potlucks at this time of year. There's no time to cook."

What about you? How are you eating? Are accountants eating well now that tax season is over?

Me? Well, I ate 2/3 of an instant ramen packet for lunch and plant on the remaining 1/3 for dinner.