The Bowl

The three of us went walking in the forest to look for hepatica blooming on the north side of the mountain. They weren't yet in flower.

Jared's friend drove up the road. They went back to the house. Beren and I continued up the ridge to the first outcropping and eventually to a place I call The Bowl. The Bowl is a scooped out area between to outcroppings. The taller outcropping has a sheer face with rock the looks more newly exposed. I believe it was quarried.

Though this place looks so wild, in some ways, it has been deeply touched and used. The trees are old, yet not that old. Stone rows run through the forest. Sharply angled limbs reveal where forest was once clear fields.

The light was lovely today at 1 in the afternoon today, in The Bowl.

Spicebush ( Lindera benzoin )

Spicebush (Lindera benzoin)

One of the sheer faces of The Bowl

One of the sheer faces of The Bowl

Looking down from the top of The Bowl.

Looking down from the top of The Bowl.

The ash tree at center is likely infested with Emerald Ash Borer. Weeks ago, I was taking daily morning walks. I needed peace and clarity, and instead I found several ash trees, lovely old ash trees scarred by woodpeckers who can hear the incessant chewing of emerald ash borer larvae. Could you hear me weeping on that morning? Could you hear my gagging, garbled cries for the ash trees? Damn it.

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Mackow_the bowl-2704.jpg

I'm getting older. I'm making photographs of myself getting older.