Amarillo, Texas

The view from the hotel. Amarillo, TX

The view from the hotel. Amarillo, TX

Within minutes of each other, the following incidents occurred on the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas:

Misplaced hotel keys. Found in resealable bag of loose maxi-pads.

Caused instant noodles to boil over inside microwave. Wiped up mess.

I hope someone finds this endearing because I make myself crazy.

Addendum, Monday morning:

Spilled water all over the passenger seat. Repeatedly.


Above photograph:

Another homage image; this one is for Lee Friedlander. Lee makes interesting and challenging compositions. He creates and represents humor. He often places himself in his images.

Like RIchard Misrach, who I wrote briefly about here, Lee is represented by the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. I may have to go there on our next cross country trip.