Sovereign Child

If you have have been a longtime reader of The Shagbark Speaks, you may have noticed a shift in subject matter. For some time, I have not delved too deeply in to motherhood. My son is seven. He is exactly what I hoped he would one day be.

He is sovereign.

He is his own person. He uses tools. Serious tools. He loves being outside on warm days. He is learning to read, which reminds me of watching him teach himself how to swim last year (and the year prior). He just did it, his way. It was like watching the trees' buds open in spring. Magical. Slow. Purposeful and real.

He is sovereign. He is no longer clearly part of me, as he was in years prior. I can celebrate and grieve. He is now the author of himself. I am not the author of his life.

He is sovereign over himself. So, perhaps he will one day write his own stories. Now, I am careful with and respectful of (as I hope I always was, though he may tell me otherwise, and be right) of the representation of his life.


"Raising Human Apes", a Rewild Yourself podcast with Daniel Vitalis and Arthur Haines is an interesting listen about children and sovereignity.