Catching the Artist Type When Happy

I tend to be serious as h/ll when I write and make photographs. And then I often write about dancing and having fun and wanting to have more fun. So, here are two self-portraits of me happy, doing something I love earlier today.

My husband, Jared, and I had just finished recording a song on Mac Photobooth. We've been using the program to record our songs. For better or for worse, we see ourselves.

A couple days ago, we recorded and listened/watched the recording. "Dude, I look spooky," I said. "Yeah, you do," Jared agreed.

Today, the light and the mood was right in the late afternoon as we recorded a song Jared  calls Bouteloua curtipendula†. Jared laughed while I made up and sang lyrics about picking grass and kindling.

I regularly thank the creator, the g/ds, and everyone and everything that conspired so I could meet this man and haltingly welcome him into my life 'cuz he still makes me laugh and I love his guitar playing.

†That's the scientific name for sideoats grama, a native grass that he's hot for.