Long Day

We've been through so many times changes in the past few weeks, going west and then headed back east. Now, Daylight Savings and the return of the sun.

Dinner was late getting on the table. We all played and worked outside all day.

I fixed the BCS. YEAH! I am resisting putting fixed in "". It was an easy fix, dang it I fixed it! One of the connections to the battery contacts was corroded. I scraped it down with a razor, and had empathy for my dental hygienist.

I mowed the meadow and orchard plus some of the coppice grove (oops, early coppice!). I chainsawed fallen boxelder limbs and stacked them neatly so vines would not crawl on them again.

Dinner was late. Nobody wanted to quit and cook. A clamor and clatter of grumpiness happened at the dinner table. No one could agree where to sit. No one could be quiet and just eat.

After dinner, the tumult continued. I pulled out the iPad. Beren asked, "What are you doing?" I looked up Sesame Street, and he and I watched one episode. He asked for another. What the heck. We watched another. It was so nice to sit quietly next to each other.