I was going to marry Bowzer: Metal / Rockabilly

Day 22.

So much computer work. So much. Jared and I are at our desks, facing opposite walls. He is working on a follow up report for a season-long botany project.

I am transcribing email addresses into our mailing list. This batch of subscribers was particularly well-disciplined and carefully wrote their information on our sign up sheet. Many even put a '/' through the zeros. Others lazied out on writing 'g' or is it a 'q'?

Jared was listening to new metal, not bad 'new metal', but the new metal that pulls from Black Sabbath. I tend to enjoy this type of metal, though much of it lacks the Black Sabbath spirit. Some of it is silly. Some of it never trudges out of mid-tempo-land, leaving me bored.

A number of the heavier bands have names include the word "bong", which makes me laugh to myself. Gotta admit, I like several of the "bong" bands. Regardless, "bong" is not really a very cool sounding word, even when paired with stylized black and white album art of spooky/evil looking stuff.

Let me know if I am wrong. I want to hear from you.

Jared ran up against a streak of blah tracks. He'd sigh. If it was not due to some Microsoft Word or Excel f-up, I knew he'd be skipping a track. "Come on," he muttered, again not a Bill Gates-related issue, and another track skipped. And again, "Oh, jeez..."

Then, he tuned into some sassy rockabilly which reminds me of the burlesque bubble of the early 2000s. Philadelphia, my once place of residence, loved their burlesque in the early 2000s. It may still be an ongoing bubble, but I do not encounter many burlesque shows on my side of the mountain.

Let me know if I the burlesque bubble is still strong. I want to hear from you.

Rockabilly - saxophone sometimes, and mostly unstoppably repetitive bass and guitar riffs with truly lovely, sultry female lead vocals. That is rockabilly. I like rockabilly. I do. I even went to a bunch of rockabilly shows. Rockabilly folks like to have a good time and laugh and dance. They also are very stylish, and I appreciate a well-dressed person with black hair. As a child, I imagined I would one day marry Bowzer from the television show Sha na na. So, rockabilly is a nice way to remember a serious childhood crush.

One rockabilly how was especially memorable. The band's bassist, a small Wolverine looking fellow, hopped on the upper bout (had to look that one up... it's the part where the neck joins the body of the instrument) and continued to play while balanced up there. After a few minutes, he hopped down gracefully.

Rockabilly shows are one thing, but multiple rockabilly tracks on a grey day while transcribing emails and botany reports... It did not work out. We now sit in silence.