Did it hold up?

Did it hold up?

Did it hold up when you listened to it again?

Past couple days listening:

For Jared, The Germs held up upon a recent listen, and then a second listen.

For me, the Happy Mondays did not hold up. A couple catchy songs but overall thin, irritating. Their music did not drive today's cleaning efforts in our disorganized home office.

"Rocks and Gravel" by Dave Van Ronk always holds up. One of my favorites. Raspy voice. Amazing acoustic guitar. Could listen repeatedly if my family would allow.

Kossoy Sisters hold up. Eerie, high vocals. Guitar and banjo. Dark lyrics. Alarmingly dark lyrics at times. Excellent, but could not listen for long. Too eerie, too dark for a winter day.

Then, Beren slipped on the floor and went down hard. The Kossoy Sisters were turned down and then off, so Jared could read Calvin and Hobbes comics to stem the tears.