Black Jacket Collar Up

Born in the mid-70s, I determined my style in the 80s, so yes, I do have my jacket collar up in this photo. Jared calls me "Tombstone" when I wear this jacket collar up.

mackow dead horse-1010.jpg

I became aware of decent music in the late 80s, with bands like The Cure being especially influential. Naturally (I mean that), I am obsessed with dark things, the color black, etc.

Most of my winter jackets have been black. My current winter jacket is black. It is a hand-me-down from my Mom (which was a hand-me-down from one of her friends to her, I think).

[Thank you, Mom*. Thank you for noticing how raggedy my last black wool jacket had become. Actually, I think you noticed that the sleeves were weirdly short. You said something like, "Oh Rachel, that jacket..." I had to agree. It was pretty bad.

I had picked up the jacket many years ago at Freecycle event at a park. It's been downgraded to farm jacket. Wool is great to work in! Repels water!

Down with fleece! It is not sexy on me! It is sexy on girls in outdoors clothing catalogs! It is sexy on epic-fit runners, ski bunnies, and hiker chics! But not me! (Why is it easy to see others' beauty and not your own?) Plus, it gets wet! It gets covered in burrs! Next time someone sees me in fleece, please help help me pick off Virginia Stickseed (Hackelia virginiana) burrs I always klutz into.Among other fleece items I own, I have hand-me-down fleece pants from a friend. They are cozy and I wear them. They are black!

*Addressing the shift in voice: By the way, my Mom reads my blog. So does one of my aunts. Last time, I helped my Mom with her laptop, I saw that this blog was in her list of frequently visited sites. Keep that in mind, readers! MY MOM READS THIS. MY FAMILY READS THIS. ALL OF IT! This knowledge gives me only occasional pause, because for g/d's sake I was born in the mid-70s and am a mature woman. Dang it!]

[Tangents: This is why I love Chris Ryan, not just because he wrote the magnificent book, Sex at Dawn (links to excerpts from the book), but also because his podcast is called Tangentially Speaking. Such a great podcast, such a great name for a podcast. I am always on a tangent, and I hardly know how to contain them. With []s?.]

[I was about to go on another tangent. I won't. I'll jot it in my notebook and get to it later.]

So getting back to it and wrapping it up (seems like the tangents were the content of this post):

Not only do I like black clothes, I also like other black things including ravens, like many other depression-prone individuals who grew up with The Cure while our pre-frontal cortexes were still forming zig-zags and loop-de-loops.

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