Day 30

Day 30.

I made it. I am tired. Very tired, but not tired of writing. I still have ideas. But, this bed I am sitting on is really soft. Very soft.

I am very tired. I spent today at a conference. Delightful, for sure. Inspiring and energizing. Believe me, many conferences are not. Maybe I got jaded going to conferences and sitting through speakers reading off PowerPoint slides. Not today. It was good.

I spent the day communicating. I do not have much left. Not today.

And so, my dear white canvas, my dear glowing computer screen, my dearest, I have spent thirty days giving you the best I could. I gave you the my time. I gave you my laughter and ideas. I poured the best I had into you each day. I carefully carried you with me.

When I cried, I cried near you, not on you, because I do not want to find a certified repair technician for your cold, binary heart that cannot bear the tears of a woman. I am so glad we spent this time together, dearest. Here is to another thirty days.

Goodnight, and you can sleep in the desk drawer.