Her Words

Day 27.

Dragged myself out of a very comfortable bed to write. It is day 27. Three more to go. Gotta make good on this. No time to fall off the wagon.

Jared, Beren, and I spent the day with Marion, a mentor from the early days of Jared and my work in restoration and stewardship. Jeez, I dragged myself out of bed to write that sh/tty sentence? Just to say I wrote for thirty days in a row? My apologies.

The first time Marion met Beren, he was a "bump" - her words. I was pregnant, and Jared and I were on a road trip to see Midwestern prairies. Beren and Marion met again when he was "drunk at the breast" - her words. Today is the first time Marion met Beren as a walking, talking creature. And, they hit it off. I heard their laughter through the house.

"He's a good kid. Really happy." Her words.