When I go by Baltimore

"When I go by Baltimore, I need no carpet on my floor..."

Last night, Jared and I played "Green, Green Rocky Road" by Dave Van Ronk. Whenever we do, I think about Baltimore.

I loved that city. I still do, I love what I remember about it. Loved the people. Loved the scene. Some people thought I lived in Baltimore, I was there so often.

Once I took Jared to Philadelphia to see a couple Baltimore bands - Lungfish and Practice Finger. I had told him how much I loved everything about Baltimore. How damned nice the people were. It was a great show. Practice Finger, which was comprised of a few friends, opened the show. Lungfish headlined.

The singer of Lungfish traveled with his partner and young son, who called out in between songs, "Daddy, do you know where my [couldn't hear] is?" The singer, a large, bearded man who is certainly in touch with the deepest of cosmos, answered, "It's in your backpack." "Thank you," a little squeaky voice answered. The audience was charmed. It was so...so nice. Afterwards, we kicked it with Practice Finger.

On the way home, Jared said, "People from Baltimore are so nice."