Full Moon Minus One

February 1, 2018, Day 14 of 30 Days...

Housekeeping Item 1: To h/ll with the calendar. To h/ll with 30 days. Once this is done, I am leap-cycling to align with a 28 day moon cycle.

Housekeeping Item 2: I curse frequently. I dial it down for some conversations, especially when I am figuring out if I am in the presence of a fellow sailor, or not. When I curse here, I am changing it up to soften curses with a "/" over the vowels rather than an "*" as I have in the past (grammar query, should it be "*" prefaced with "a" or "an"?). The * reminds me of high school when I read Kurt Vonnegut and Kurt Vonnegut reminds me of *ssholes and /ssholes.


I had wanted to change platforms from my old blog to this one for months. After pushing back the date again and again, I settled on launching this on January 1, which I did not make either.

I wanted to start off this series of writing back on January 1. The full moon seemed auspicious.

I had wanted to write about Fred Cole on the full moon on January 1. He was the guitarist in a beloved band, Dead Moon. He was half of my favorite rock n' rock couple, Fred and Toody Cole.

I think most of what I could write now would be flat. Flat compared to their music and their shows and the life they seemed to live, as best I could observe, so instead I will just wait until I have the spirit to write about them because I don't think I could write about Fred without including Toody.