Christmas Eve

Jared worked all day. Beren had a playdate all day.

I stopped at the library and picked out some books. Felt teary as I thought of all of us in different places. At the library with my laptop on Christmas eve? I plopped down at a cubbie desk and turned on my electronic companion. I entered one receipt into my bookkeeping spreadsheet.

“The library will close in 27 minutes. Please bring your books to the front desk. No check outs after 1:55PM.”

Off the hook, I don’t have to work on Christmas eve, I thought.

I walked around Clinton in the warm weather. It felt like March. I got a mango smoothie and wrote a few pages of an article on native plants. I guess that’s work, but I was sing a pen and paper. SOmehow doesn’t feel like work.

I met my parents at church. Sang songs. Picked up Beren.

Came home and tuned into Jon Solomon’s 30th Annual Holiday Radio Show on Princeton radio station - WPRB 103.3FM. I’ve been listening to Jon since the early 90s, and he’s introduced me to some great music. Looking forward to set of The Fall’s holiday tunes.

Now, we’re just playing, drinking eggnog, and I’m taking a short writing break. Merry Christmas, everyone!