That takes some ova

Last night I went to a gathering, which ended in a circle of women talking, sharing, laughing, and asking. The circle closed with more sharing and singing. And, for the first time, I sang a capella in front of strangers. Wow, that required all my remaining ova to stand up straight.

At first, my voice was high, far higher than when I sing privately at home, or with live instrumental backing, or with Sharon Jones, Michael Hutchence or Glenn Danzig backing me up. I settled in as the other women joined in, my voice descending to its more natural range.

Just admitting that I sang a capella in front of strangers is asking my ova to stand up. Admitting that I needed every last ova is also asking my ova to stand up.

Being vulnerable and admitting it, well, it isn’t easy.

The singing, though, that felt great. Thanks, ladies, for being there and backing up my ova.