Cubicle Worker

I am a cubicle worker. Maybe less than a cubicle worker. I have about, shoot, ask my husband, he does all the measuring especially once we get into the square and cubic measurements, but he’s not home… so, I got about this:


This is where it all happens.

I have various items relevant to my business and my moonlighting career as an unpaid blogger. Wait, items? Items? No, an item. A singular item related to my business and my moonlighting career - my laptop. Which barely fits on the desk.

Ok, I am exaggerating. There are multiple business-related items like a check book, shipping labels, and a to do list. Still true: my laptop barely fits on my desk.

I also have the following on my desk: three boxes of my grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry, two nature DVDs to mail back to a friend in Chicago, a tennis ball for self-massage (I’m massaging the rhomboids, the rhomboids, really!), bills, an LL Bean catalog, a label for a Christmas gift for my infant niece, a homemade salve that I should discard, and hundreds of other untold items.

I could organize. I could delegate and hire a friend who once had an organizing business. What would I blog about if my life was perfect? Keep it messed up. Keep blogging.


I spent an hour reading about tasks small business owners could delegate. I spent an hour talking with a friend who also has a wife-husband business. We agreed that we have, in her words, “micro-businesses” rather than small businesses, which can be defined as something or another that makes my eyes blur on the Small Business Administration’s website. If you need help sleeping tonight, or if need to stay up tonight because you get wound up and stressed out reading government code, check it out: Title 13 Part 121 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR).

Micro-business, family business, whatever. A couple people. Doing it all or most of it. In a cubicle or half cubicle or microcubicle.