Pretend and Play

I’m thankful for my son’s love of the sibling characters, Jack and Annie, in the Magic Tree House series. Each book sends this brother and sister to another time and place in history. Together, they participate in an event related to that time.

Today, we visited a local park, and no friends were able to join us. We were the only two there in the blustery grey weather. We climbed trees and stumps. I hoped to stay active to preserve the heat in my extremities. I wandered towards the trail, and Beren followed.

After crossing the creek, we began to play “Jack and Annie”. When we fall into these roles, every turned leaf is a clue, every track, every sound, every scent is part of the mystery we must solve. Many times the mystery is unclear. There’s no plot, just discovery. It works well for me.

When we became cold, the truck was a rocket ship to carry us home. And, I was still Annie, a kid driving for the first time. Such an easy pleasure, to do as you must and pretend you are someone else or somewhere else.

I do that other times, too. Not for fun, but because I wish things were other than they were. Maybe next time I’ll play. I will pull out the vacuum, and I will tame a dragon. Or, I will be the lion at Chinese New Year. A pile of dishes - shells washed of sand on a hot day. What other tasks can I play with?