13 - Bleeding

During the Tangentially Speaking podcast, Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols tells Chris Ryan about his daughter. He says that when his daughter menstruated he and his wife took this a good sign of her body’s wellness. Presumably, his daughter has health challenges. This part of the conversation stuck with me.

I have a vague memory of menstruating after being hospitalized. I felt so beaten up and achy to begin with. Menstruating was so everyday-seeming that I couldn’t believe it was happening. I recall thinking, “Ugh, my head feels so bad and now I have this?” There were so many other things to think about instead.


Listen to the Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols episode of Tangentially Speaking here. The interview has a magical cadence. He talks about water, the sea, and conservation. The interview resonated with me — the ocean is a place of content. I can sit on the beach near the water and listen and watch and listen and watch.